It’s an all-new Eight Piece Box! For this episode, the EPB Brain Trust gathered on Jonathan’s porch to talk about a little of everything, including summertime stews, hog wings, faux local foods, getting to know your server, the fine art of hash, and cooking in the springtime. Jonathan talks about his “field julep”, and why a purist has to learn to let go sometimes. And Jenny previews her Feedtime on the Cumberland event.

Highlights from this episode will air on Wednesday at 6:30PM on 88.7 WMMT-FM in Whitesburg, KY. I usually wait until the Friday after to post it here, but I’m gone the rest of the week so here it is early.

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(I know what you may be asking: did I miss Episode 004? No, you didn’t. It aired on WMMT but it never got posted to the feed for various reasons. It will eventually.)

Thanks for listening!