That’s right! Tune in to 88.7 WMMT-FM tonight (Wednesday, February 3) at 6:30 to hear highlights from the very first Eight Piece Box podcast! And check back here on Friday to find out how to download the full version!

In this episode, “Getting the Band Back Together“, I decided to create some continuity by getting the crew from What’s Cookin’ Now! into Stately Piercy-Sapp Manor Studios and see what happened. What happened is that Tamara Sapp, Jenny Williams, Les Roll, and I ran our mouths for nearly an hour and a half.

In the radio version tonight you’ll hear Tamara talk about some accidental culinary brilliance that happened over the weekend when some ice cream melted faster than we expected. You’ll also hear Jenny talk about the SAWG 2016 conference, and how agriculture can be a part of our local economic development. In the full version you’ll also hear us talk about the secrets to meat loaf, Appalachian dolmas, the emerging New Orleans tiki scene, and our New Year’s resolutions about eating and drinking.

The editing is far from perfect in this first episode, because I am very much a caveman when it comes to Adobe Audition, but it’s all a learning process, right? I can tell you that all the awesomeness of doing a food show for so long with these folks came rushing back, so I know you’ll want to tune in.

So tonight at 6:30 check it out on 88.7 WMMT-FM (click to stream online), and come back here Friday to find out how to download and subscribe to the full podcast! We’ve got an extra special episode already planned for March, so you’ll want to get in on the ground floor.

Don’t miss it!